Christian Hecker
Marthastrasse 61
90482 Nuernberg, Germany
Tel: +049 0911 5065722

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Name: Christian Hecker
Born: 29.03.1982
Current Residence: Nuernberg, Germany
Languages: German, English

I was born and grew up in bitterfeld, former east germany and lived there for the first 19 years of my life. September 2001 i moved to nuremberg and since then i am fully concentrating myself on digital imaging.

Between 2001 and 2003 i learned all photoshop basics and collected some webdesign knowledge through an apprenticeship in a company specialized in webdesign and advertising.

Between 2004 and 2005 i fully concentrated on doing scenery based artworks by using a program named 'terragen'. When i finished 'artificial' i knew that i became good enough to do this professionally. In 2005 i also managed to get my first small assignment. I created 'the wall' for a independent game project. Since i was always fascinated by the painting work for films like 'starwars', 'what dreams may come' and by that time 'lord of the rings - the fellowship' i thought about going into the digital matte painting direction. Well knowing that it needs a lot of patience and work to get to a quality level.

Early 2006 i became familiar enough to my newly bought wacom tablet and started to think about painting. I never seriously painted before and i'm still learning. I knew a few basics about lighting and took that as a foundation. My artworks started to look more and more professional and i began to realize how far i came with my art. Proud of the fact that i learned everything by myself. 2006 i also started to investigate the industry a bit. Through interviews, i did for my website, with dylan cole (matte painter), gary tonge (concept artist) and syd mead (concept artist/designer) i learned something about the life as a professional artist. It's hard work, sometimes funny and sometimes frustrating... but to see the finished work is satisfying enough to equal out the bad things. That's what i learned through my own experience too.

Now i think to be a professional concept artist/matte painter would be the right direction for me. To make my technique as efficient as possible. There is still a lot to learn for me and i would gladly take every chance i can get to learn all the secrets.

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Nov. 2010
Hadley's Hope featured in Advanced Photoshop UK
Hadley's Hope was a sister project to "Phoenix Rising". Basically the same city on a different day. In this short article i wrote about how good it can be to invest a little extra time into experimenting to achieve that last little bonus to make a pic look better than good. The Advanced Photoshop Magazine gave me an opportunity to write a little bit about that procedure. Thanks for that.
Oct. 2010
This year i also managed to sneak myself into the wonderful Expose Book series again. This time Hades - Valiant was selected. I can remember that, when i finished this picture, i said that it's definitely book material. So i was even happier when it got selected for inclusion. A great honor and motivation again. Check this post for more info.
July. 2010
"CLONE" Shortfilm
"Hunt for Gollum" director Chris Bouchard invited me to do some matte painting for his experimental scifi short 'Clone'. More info here.
May. 2010
Daily Deviation for "Phoenix Rising"
Phoenix Rising was the largest project i ever did. So it is nice to see feedback from people is positive. The Daily Deviation Award on is a nice bonus to have and a good motivation.
May. 2010
Benchmark Project "Phoenix Rising"
Phoenix Rising was the largest project i ever did. It included heavy work in Vue, massive post work in Photoshop and a camera mapping animation. Countless hours went into it and left me quite exhausted when i had it finished. The result was worth all the hassle. See here for specific project info.
May. 2010
DIGITALPhoto Tutorial
The German DIGITALPhoto Magazine invited me to write a short Tutorial about how to create fake depth of field in a photo.
Feb. 2010
DigitalArtist Tutorial
The DIGITALArtist Magazine invited me to write a Tutorial about how to created a digital matte painting/city photo manipulation. Future City was the result of that project.
Feb. 2010
DIGITALPhoto Tutorial
The German DIGITALPhoto Magazine invited me to write a Tutorial about how to created a digital matte painting. City View was the result of this project.
Aug. 2009
Advanced Photoshop Magazine UK Tutorial
The Advanced Photoshop Magazine approached me and asked for a brief tutorial on Terragen and Photoshop. So took myself some time to write a 6 page Masterclass Tutorial for Issue 60, explaining how to combine Terragen and Photoshop for a piece like 'Artificial'.
May. 2009
Pixelarts Magazine
Pixelarts Magazine wanted a small feature about my Artwork and of course i agreed. Beside artist features there are huge reports about vfx in movies and advertising in this magazine. Very interesting read.
May. 2009
Awards For Gates To Elysium
Beside the CGChoice Award i also go the Gold Award on CGHub and a Daily Deviation Award on The recognition and feedback i got for this particular piece was great and very appreciated.
May. 2009
CGChoice Award On CGTalk
This is a very special award for me. On CGTalk you only see the creme of all the digital artists worldwide. And to be a part of the featured gallery there truly is a reward i always dreamed of. 'Gates to Elysium', which was my personal benchmark painting for 2009, gained me that highly respected award.
Apr. 2009
Several Interviews & Features
The past months being pretty quite i did a few smaller interviews for different projects and got featured on several sites as well. I also did a few smaller commissions from Book covers to CD covers.
Nov. 2008
Adv. Photoshop Magazine (Uk & Germany)
A nice artist showcase in the german edition of the magazine as well as being on the cover of the UK edition of the magazine for the 50th anniversary. An honor. :)
Oct. 2008
Several Features
Over the last few months my work collected quite some nice recognition. Frontpage features and awards on sites like cgchannel, 3dm3, deviantart, augensound. Among the featured artworks were pics like ‘Hades-Valiant‘ - ‘Back to the Future‘ - ‘Nightshade Vale‘ - ‘Comcept7‘ and ‘Epica‘. It’s great to see the work pay off with so many people liking your work.
Sep. 2008
Some folks who were looking for talented artists to start a series of new media books contacted me if i would be interested in participating. Of course i am. So there were 3 selected pieces. The Chase III, The Falls and The City Of Lights… that came into the book. The release date of the book is not out yet but i hope soon. Check ouit their site!
July 2008
Due to an exhibition i had the chance to give a nice interview and appeared in one of the bigger german newspapers. The interview can be found here (german).
July 2008
Captured Beauty - Gefangene Schönheit - Exhibition
The second exhibition and chance for me to present my work on a more personal way than through internet media. I thank everyone who participated on the preparations of this event. It was quite and experience. Specific info here.
June 2008
A newly opened digital art magazine asked me to be one of their first interviewees. Interview can be found here.
May 2008
And again i'm proud to say that one of my digital paintings made it into the yearly collection of the worlds best digital illustrations. The second time since 2007 and expose 5. 'Long Way Home' was the chosen one this time. Specific info can be found here.
Apr. 2008
Editura Alexandria, based in Romania, hired me to create a book cover for the fantasy classic by Gene Wolfe. Specific info can be found here
Mar. 2008
To finish this one took quite some time. This project includes a cd cover painting. Design of the back cover as well as the title of the album. I also created a booklet which contains the lyrics of the songs on the album. Specfic info can be found here.
Mar. 2008
One of my older pictures found use for a book cover of a rereleased edition of Philip Jose Farmers Riverworld classic fantasy novel. Specific infos can be found here.
Jan. 2008
CITIZEN ERAZED Concept Art and Animation
A small New York based game studio hired me to do concept art for a game they are doing. I also the opportunity to get myself deeper into Adobe After Effects. The painting can be found here and the animation here.

Nov. 2007

An architecture visulisation company that hired me to matte paint some of their renders. It's quite a challenge for me since the deadlines are always very short. I managed to get everything done right and gained a lot of experience through this opportunity. The Visualiser

Nov. 2007 Professional Award
I'm pretty proud of the fact to got the professional award on that site. They have some very high class artists in their forum as well the the eyecatching artworks that belong to these artists. They also invited me to be a judge on one of their contests along with a few other highly professional artists. Check their site and my gallery.

Nov. 2007

My first ever exhibition. The exhibition took place in the local area around nuremberg, where i live. Quite a nice experience for me. Talking to people about how the paintings are made and how i work to create the photography i do. The exhibition was running from nov. 4th to january 2008.

Oct. 2007

Northern Oak, a band based in Sheffield, UK, hired me to create a cover for their upcoming album.. Info here...

Oct. 2007

Quite a story... please read here

Oct. 2007

The iCreate magazine, based in UK, invited me to present some of my wallpapers on cdrom in issue 47. Info here...

Sept. 2007

Henning Ludvigsen and Natascha Röösli. I’m glad to have had the chance to interview these both artists and i want to thank them for answering all the questions in such an open way. Thanks a lot! Info here...

Aug. 2007

CG Chosen is a free online magazine featuring the best of the best digital artists available on the internet. I’m honored to say that i got invited to write a walkthrough for my painting ‘down the river arend’.Info here...

June 2007

With the things learned on my first trip to animation land i tried to make my work process a bit more effective this time. Since i learned all the basics the first time... this second time was going better and faster. Tried a few more things and wrecked my render machine. See CG Animations...

May 2007

The mother of all feeatures is what i call it. All the big digital artists in todays digitalart scene were in these books. To be a part of it is one of the greatest honors for someone like me. 'The Falls' made it into the book and i'm happy about it.

May 2007

SNAP Magazine, based in U.K., made an interview with me about my macro photography. The first ever interview i did about my photography. It was fun and interesting. A 3 page interview with lots of pics in issue #3 of the magazine.

Mar. 2007

After visiting the Studio in late january i decided to risk a deeper look into 3d work and animation. I learned a lot about how matte paintings are done these days. Also learned a lot about how to technically work out such things. It's 'work' but... interesting work. To see your painting moving is like it's a window to another world. See CG Animations...

Jan. 2007

Virgin-Lands Studios, a very successful animation studio for the film and games industry in germany, invited me for an interview. Unfortunately nothing came out in the end. But i got a glimpse into a studio environment. And a new understanding of how worthful my work really is. Because that's what they made them interested in me.

Dec. 2006

With the idea to become more communicative through my website i decided to go for a new design. With help of wordpress and we managed to create a site that suited me and my idea pretty well.

August 2006

My 'Astounding' artwork got invited into an online gallery where only selected artists artworks find their way in. Quite a thing for me to have a picture of mine among all those amazing digital art works. Check out the gallery here

August 2006

My portfolio on got featured for the last week of August 2006. Once again a great honour to me.

August 2006

I had the unquestionable honour to speak to legend when it comes to concept design/concept art. Syd Mead is the absolute nonplusultra to my Meet the Inspiration interview series.

August 2006

'Artificial' is featured on the website of one of the biggest (NBC Universal) scifi tv channels.

June 2006

Goal in this commission was it to create a kind of heavenly looking scenery. After lots of concepts i found a solid way to realize it... with a bit of fantasy.

May 2006


With 'The Falls' i continued my matte painting learning process. The piece was a great success on Lots of people saw it. A new commission knocking on my door.

May 2006


Jim Thacker at 3d world magazine asked me if i'm willing to write a short tutorial about my 'Astounding' piece. That 3d world issue was about freeware/shareware gfx applications. So i kinda explained Terragen, Apophysis and Gimp. How to use these programs to create a similar pic to my 'Astounding' piece.

May 2006


'Artificial' and 'Astounding' were printed in the ImagineFX magazine's readers FXposé. A true honour. Lots of very talented people made it into the FXposé. Now i'm a part of it too.

May 2006


Started to try digital matte painting. Like a Dylan Cole for example. Again i'm trying to find more productive techniques to speeden up my work. Digital matte painting seems to be a solution. The pieces 'Elysia' & 'Back to the future' followed.

March 2006


I continued my interview series since i found out that it's a way to learn a lot from professionals. This time we had Gary Tonge. What a talent. I'm really looking up to him. He is somehow doing what i would love to do some day.

Febr. 2006


Alagaesia Prime was the second digital painting i did. Completely painted. My first digital painting 'Dawn of hope' had a Terragen render as base. I'm getting better.

Febr. 2006


Tom Rudderham, disc editor from the ImagineFX magazine, asked for permission to use my 'Artificial' wallpaper piece on the dvd for issue 2. Permission granted. Thanks Tom!

Febr. 2006


I had the honour to speak to one of the best digital matte painters of our time. Dylan Cole worked on lots of big hollywood productions and i had the chance to ask him a few questions. A very cool guy.

Sept. 2005


To become more flexible and productive i decided to buy a Wacom tablet. I never used a tablet before, so it took me a while to get familiar with it. A few weeks later there is no way to work without a tablet ever anymore. Started to learn digital painting.

July 2005


Goal for this project was it to create a very dangerous looking environment. After a big war mankind split up into various groups fighting for territory. In this pic i tried a blade runneresque/alien 2 like design. Along with the very hazardous landscape it looks pretty nice. My first ever commission.

May 2005


A private project. A big step forward for me. The project showed me i'm really able to pull off outstanding work. The project included a walkthrough. Time worked on it: 7 weeks.

Mar. 2003

A polish pc magazine issue about the 3d software 'terragen'. They were asking for my 'ethir anduin' piece. They wanted to show what's possible with terragen. My pieces seemed to suited well.
Last Update March 12th 2011

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Concept Art

Is something i really like because of the dirty simple look it has. Simplicity to transfer an atmosphere or special feeling of a certain scene. My concept art technique requires a basic 3d plate i create in vue. Once rendered out i move into photoshop to round up all necessary details. This often leads to an heavily manipulated, overpainted version of the original vue render.

Digital Matte Painting

Is thought to have a photorealistic look. It can also be used as more detailed concept art. Because of certain rules, that apply to matte painting, the process of creating can take more time. Depending on good photo resources. Technically every kind of digital imaging technique applies for digital matte painting. From 3d and manipulation to pure painting.


Input Device: Wacom Intuos3 a5
Adobe Photoshop (5.5 to CS4 - Expert)
Vue D'esprit (5 to 7 Experienced)
Maxon Cinema4D v9 (Beginner)
Adobe GoLive (5 to CS2) (Familiar)
Adobe Dreamweaver (Familiar)
Canon 20d (Expert)

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Personal Website

Additional Online Portfolios

CGSociety * Deviantart

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